Lifeguard Tower NR. 13
Sonia & Co.

Lifeguard Tower NR. 13

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 36” x 36”
Chromogenic print acrylic face-mounted, limited edition 1/20.

By placing detailed photographs side by side, varying their angle and position, Ekecs sows disorientation and whimsical humor in his deconstructed images, challenging expectations and creating unanticipated associations. Familiar images of the Los Angeles experience are forced to shimmy and veer off at strange oblique angles, a crazed architectural dance that celebrates the symbolic and mythic potential of architecture even in a city that thrives on continually re-creating its myths and infrastructures on a regular basis. Ekecs realizes abstractions that are rooted in the real. His painstaking attention to detail and polished techniques orchestrate illusions that are equally realistic and transformative.

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